June 23, 2020

Does Your Business Have an Impact?

Does your business have an impact and, if so, is it good or bad? The impact you have on the community, on other businesses, on your employees and the world is not necessarily dependent upon great sales or high profits. But, stable sales, profits, and an orderly, organized business are typically necessary steps on the way to an impactful business. You can achieve this with the Fix This Next approach and a Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business Solutions.

How Does Fix This Next Help Your Business Create an Impact?

The Fix This Next approach for solving business problems starts with the most basic issues. Your Fix This Next coach will look at things like lagging sales, help you identify and solve problems, and boost sales and revenue. The next issue is commonly profits and with this system you will learn how to maintain sales while addressing and resolving profit issues. The Fix This Next approach always deals with the basic issues before moving on because problems at the core of your business will always cause problems up the line and those problems will not get solved until the basic problems are dealt with and kept in check.

The approach to helping your business have an impact fits in this system and follows a similar approach. There are five basic steps that your coach will have you follow in this regard. All of these need to be addressed at their most basic levels, nurtured, and maintained over time for your business to have useful and lasting impacts on the community, your business sector, your employees, and your customers.

Adjust the Orientation of Your Business

If you want to have a business that runs smoothly, makes money, and gives you time to do other things in life, that is fine. But, if you want a business that has an impact beyond that, you typically need to make some changes in the orientation of your business. This typically means looking at what your business, its products, and its services do for your clients beyond the point of sale.

Is your goal to make their lives better, make them safer, or even encourage them to be better people? Then, you need to look at providing more than just a product or service for a fair price. When you keep community service or well-being in mind as you do business and encourage your employees to do the same, this has a cumulative effect that increases the positive impact you have. You will create a sense of belonging and higher purpose. Let the Fix This Next coaches at Exigo Business Solutions show you how to start.

Are Your Employees Motivated by Your Mission or by Their Specific Roles?

The old saying that people don’t see the forest because of all those trees applies in this case. From top to bottom in your business, you want everyone to know their job and do it well. But, for your business to develop a larger impact, everyone needs to understand the mission of the business, buy into it, and support it.

On the eve of D-Day General Eisenhower sent a one page message to every member of the invasion force. It explained in clear terms what they were going to do and why. Ike said later that if he could not explain clearly what these soldiers were fighting for, he had no business leading the invasion.

Clear articulation of what your business is about and leadership by example are how to start this task.

Mutual Alignment of Dreams for the Business and Individual Employees

This may have more to do with whom you hire or whom you move into or promote to various positions in your business. Everyone has and is entitled to their own dreams. As a business owner, however, you want to put people in positions in your business where they feel fulfilled in working toward your dreams because they match their own. Ask us at Exigo Business Solutions how to go about doing this.

The Integrity of Your Internal Communications and Feedback

If you really want your business to ascend to a higher level and have a strong and lasting impact, this is a critical step. The people closest to a job are virtually always the ones to understand it the best. To get the most out of your employees and run an efficient and profitable business, you need honest feedback. This means that employees will not fear retribution for the opinions that they offer. Too many businesses suffer the consequences of employees who rightfully fear saying “wrong” things or making the boss angry. Let us at Exigo Business Solutions help you make honest feedback work for you.

Your Network of Feedback

Useful feedback does not stop with your employees. Too often, businesses only know that there is a problem with a product or service because it is not selling or they are getting a raft of complaints. Seeking out feedback from customers and even the larger community can be extremely useful in anticipating problems before they get out of hand or recognizing opportunities that can be exploited before your competitors get wind of them.

Developing and Maintaining Positive Impact

Keeping the needs of your customer and the community in mind is basic to having a good impact. Doing what is in the best interests of your customers as it relates to doing business always comes back to help how you are viewed and your impact.

To learn more about Fix This Next can work for you, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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