April 21, 2020

Does Fix This Next Help Improve Profits?

Fix This Next
By: Ronald B. Allen

Far too many businesses work hard, have great sales, and are still struggling to make strong profits. The problem is generally not lack of investment capital, hard work, customers, or pricing. In fact, it may well be something that you never even thought of. Many business owners are swamped with the details of their business and keep trying to fix the wrong things! How does Fix This Next help improve profits? It does so by tracking down the most basic issues which are stymying your profits! Here is how it works.

• Your Fix This Next Coach will always start by addressing the business hierarchy of needs which starts with sales and then goes up to profits. Assuming that sales are OK, he or she will address the profit issue in detail.

• Are you charging enough to adequately cover your costs of production, advertising, sales, and so forth? A Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business solutions will apply their accounting expertise to addressing this issue. Many times the answer is hidden in your accounting information but you are not seeing it because you are not using an intelligent business solution like QuickBooks custom reports or Microsoft Power BI.

• What expenses are killing your profits? Not all of your business expenses are related to making, processing, and selling products. Fix This Next helps you track down and solve any and all cost problems. The effective business processes that result from this effort will serve your business well for years to come.

• Fixing things in a business is not enough if the problems keep coming back. When your Fix This Next coach has the accounting and business expertise of someone like Exigo Business Solutions, you will have systems in place to track the precise issues that were causing your problems in real time and the ability to spot any resurgence of those problems before they even make a dent in your profits again.

• All too often in business, problems lie hidden in chaotic systems. And, orderly businesses help keep these problems in check. Parkinson’s Law thrives in unordered business systems. A lasting reward for using Fix This Next to address and solve profit issues is that you end up having a more organized business in which problems find it hard to hide! When you have Exigo Business Solutions as your Fix This Next Coach, you will stay ahead of the tendency for all projects to come in late and over budget! And, you profits will therefore be much better.

If you need to track down whatever problems are killing your profits, taking up your time, and reappearing in a different form after each attempt at a solution, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions for a chat and an explanation of how the Fix This Next method can help you.

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