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Office 365 and One Drive Backup

August 3, 2019

Office 365 and One Drive Backup

What happens when you lose Office 365 or One Drive Information?

As more and more businesses move their business software online they come to depend on their online platform for backing up all of their information. The fact of the matter is that this does not always happen.  

At Exigo Business Solutions we are Datto, SkyKick and Pax 8 DropSuite partners. These are all platforms that provide the backup you need for your Office 365 emails and One Drive files.

Office 365 and One Drive Backup
Office 365 and One Drive Backup

Pax 8 Dropsuite Business Backup + Email Archiving

This service gives you cloud-based backup data storage to protect your Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail information. In addition, it gives you journaling-based storage of emails for IMAP and POP protocols, Gmail, and Exchange. It allows you to preserve information, effectively search for specific data, and comply with any and all regulations.

Features include backup of calendars, tasks, and attachments, backup of files from team sites, journaling-based email storage, Exchange Online backup, and Gmail backup.

Your benefits from using this service start with closing the gaps in Office 365 and Gmail data retention and storage.  Furthermore, it protects the entire Office 365 environment, is scalable as your business data storage needs grow, gives you single-pane access to data, and supports and protects your compliance efforts.


You can look at the SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Office 365 as a complimentary service to Office 365 itself. The comprehensive data protection this service provides not only protects data but hugely assists in the retrieval of data.

The service backs up Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online six times a day!

And, it offers a wide range of restore options for bulk as well as finely tuned individual actions. You can get a full restore of everything from mailboxes to lists, sub-sites, Office 365 Groups and OneDrive for Business accounts.

It will also do a “point in time” restore of OneDrive for Business accounts and mailboxes.

This is an easy to use service that gives you the backup protection that Office 365 and OneDrive lack. Lost, corrupted, or deleted data is always recoverable with SkyKick.


Datto provides a wide range of services to businesses including cloud to cloud backup of Office 365. As they note, Microsoft and Google handle invaluable client data. Although we generally believe that they can be trusted with your data, data breaches file corruption happen. More commonly, malicious attacks, compliance issues, user management, or user error are the source of your data-loss problem. Datto’s cloud to cloud backup is a good answer.  

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