March 10, 2020

Co-author for Better Work Product with Office365

Small Business
Ronald B. Allen

Within any business, there is a division of labor and each job requires a specific set of skills. While one employee may have a vast knowledge of computer software and programming, they may not be able to write a good report. And, the person who has the best writing skills may not know enough about computer software, sales, order fulfillment, or other areas of your business to write an accurate report. But, these folks can co-author for a better work product with Office365.

A great feature of Office365 is that by using Office and OneDrive or SharePoint, several employees are able to work together. These folks can work together on documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel, or create presentations in PowerPoint. This is what co-authoring is all about.

This feature of Office365 can help your staff avoid errors caused by poor communication because they are all able to focus on the same task at the same time. And, everyone is able to see the content that the other is generating. Suggestions fly back and forth, a consensus can be achieved, and a better work product is the result. How does this happen?

Requirements for Setting up Co-authoring

First, Office365 lets you set up a shared storage area. A storage area can be a SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, or OneDrive.

Second, you will need applications that support co-authoring in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Excel mobile applications. These all support co-authoring in Office365.

Third, the documents on which your employees collaborate or co-author all need to be “co-authoring friendly.” These file formats are .docx (Word), .xlsx (Excel),and pptx (PowerPoint). Office365 supports all of these.

Fourth, you will set up permissions to access the documents on which you want people to collaborate and those on which you want to grant permission to edit. All co-authors will have permission for access and editing.

Office365 supports co-authoring online or via linked workstations. You will find support documents to help with the various facets of collaboration and co-authoring. These include:

• Real-time Word document co-authoring

• Collaboration on the preparation of, or reading information in, Excel workbooks

• Co-authoring of presentations in PowerPoint

• Collaboration in OneDrive on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• How to co-author and share a PowerPoint for Mac presentation

• How to collaborate on and share files in Office for Android

• Help in using OneDrive on iOS

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use

Upgrade to Office365 and get the best use of the various skill sets of your employees. Collaboration and co-authoring of reports and other work products reduce errors and improves efficiency. But, to do this, you need a software platform that ties together all of the various devices and users in a cost-effective and efficient manner. That is why you want to upgrade to Office365 to take advantage of all that it can offer.

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