April 15, 2020

Can Fix This Next Help Me Increase Sales?

Fix This Next
By: Ronald B. Allen

A business needs sales in order to grow. And, when sales are poor, this puts a stop to many parts of your business. Many of our clients are sold on the usefulness of the Fix This Next system for solving a whole range of business problems. They often ask, can Fix This Next help increase sales too? Yes, it can. You don’t necessarily need to spend more on advertising, hire more sales personnel, or drastically cut prices in order to up your sales. Here is how the Fix This Next approach to sales works.

1. Find what the problem is. This is how Fix This Next addresses every business issue. It is very rare to find a business problem that jumps up all on its own. Problems in any organization typically start with very basic things that need to be improved. Unfortunately, too many times the wrong fix is applied because the business owner did not know where to look to discover the exact nature of the problem.

2. Thus, a Fix This Next coach will “drill down” to find the exact location and nature of your sales problem before even thinking of suggesting a solution. If the problem is in your sales force, it is typically not in having insufficient sales personnel. It is more likely a matter of the message they are conveying to potential customers. Or, perhaps, there are product or service issues that they know of but are not relaying back to the appropriate people in order to fix the problems. Very commonly the problem is known to one or more people close to the issue but there is a lack of communication at the root of the dilemma.

3. Only now does the Fix This Next system devise a solution but that solution is very often not one that was apparent at the beginning. Such problems are usually not those of price or even quality but may more closely relate to promptness of delivery or failures in follow through. Working with a Fix This Next coach, you will be able to apply the exact solution needed to fix your sales problem and, very commonly, not need to spend any more money in the process!

4. Tracking and repeating or modifying the process as needed is the last and most important part of this system. By setting up effective business procedures, you will be able to keep track of your sales down to the level needed to ensure that one tiny glitch in the system does not return to derail the entire system.

5. The timeliness of your solution is really important. An experienced Fix This Next Coach like Exigo Business Solutions will be able to give you a good estimate of how soon the “fix” you have instituted should result in a recovery of sales. And, using intelligent business tools like QuickBooks custom reports, you will be able to see the results of your efforts in real time!

Experienced Accountants Are the Best Fix This Next Coaches

As you can see from this snapshot of how Fix This Next addresses sales issues, there is more to fixing your sales than spending more money on advertising and sales staff or cutting prices. As the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area, we have years of experience dealing with virtually all business issues and routinely help our clients run their operations more efficiently and profitably.

For help if your sales are lagging, contact the Fix This Next coaches at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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