February 11, 2020

Your Business Need Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Ronald B. Allen

When business is booming, you may be thinking of expansion. How are you going to manage your accounting when you have more than one business location and very different business operations? The question is, does your business need Microsoft Dynamics 365? Microsoft Dynamics combines ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relations management) functions within one software package. It is used with other Microsoft software services and programs like Yammer, Azure, Outlook, Office 365 and SharePoint. It belongs in the Microsoft Business Solutions family of programs and is specifically designed to help businesses in financial services, manufacturing, business services, the public sector, and retail. There are several advanced tools based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. One such tool that is excellent for accounting for multi-location companies and service industries like computer services is Gravity Accounting Software. This excellent business tool works well for small and medium-sized companies as well as large organizations.

What Are The Ways That Dynamics 365 Can Help Your Business?

There are many business functions that Dynamics 365 makes possible and even easy. Here are just a few.

Accounting Consolidation with Dynamics 365

If your business is expanding to many locations or different types of businesses under one ownership umbrella, you can use Dynamics 365, or accounting tools based on the Dynamics 365 platform, to consolidate your accounting.

The initial process can be accomplished in four easy steps.

Select the Business Units

Test Consolidation

Run Consolidation

Review the Consolidated Trial Balance

Whether you are using Dynamics 365 directly or scalable accounting software based on Dynamics 365 (like Gravity), you will be able to consolidate your booking for all of your business interests.

Automate Your Accounts Payable Using Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is an excellent way to automate your accounts payable. It reduces the time required for data entry, gives you better data control, and reduces manual bookkeeping errors. The process is accomplished in 4 easy steps.

Start from the incoming document

Make corrections and approve

Send to and receive from an OCR service

Have the proper invoice in hand

With Dynamics 365 you will speed up your accounts payable process, cut down on unintended transcription errors, and maintain better control of both your financial data and your business.

Producing Production Orders

The usual process for producing production orders is to check orders, look at supply on hand, and determine how much more you need to manufacture to take care of the order and maintain a reasonable amount of stock on hand. This includes checking inventories for all parts needed to complete the production of the necessary items. This is commonly done on a weekly, revolving basis. With Dynamics 365, this process can be converted into real time. It involves the following 4 steps.

Confirm product and parts availability or generate a shortage report

Add necessary items to inventory and confirm

Release the purchase order

Update and Post the Production Journal

By integrating inventory, purchase orders, and the production journal into one efficient package, you can see all aspects of projection in one place and at one time. And, the setup does not require that you address issues only once a week as the information is always available.

Dropship Sales Orders with Dynamics 365

Dropshipping can be a very economical and profitable way to do business. But, to make it work well, you need a computerized system that handles this function successfully every time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has this covered. You can see how it works in just 4 steps.

Create the sales order

Create the purchase order

Drop ship to the customer

Create the sales order

Create the purchase invoice

By integrating all of the necessary information and bookkeeping tools for a drop shipping order, it is speeded up, mistakes are reduced, and profits can go up. And, because you are taking good care of your customers, they are happy as well.

Entering Sales Orders with a Mobile Device by Using Dynamics 365

Business today takes place from wherever you are and not just “back in the office.” When you make a sale and are not at your office computer, what do you do? When you are using Dynamics 365, you can enter sales orders from your mobile device in a few easy steps.

Enter the sales order on your smartphone using Dynamics 365

Post the sales order

Send it to the customer on the spot

Review the customer’s balance

With this tool, you can get things done faster and be more productive. Your data entry time is reduced. With more information immediately in hand, your decision making is improved. And, you can access customer info anywhere and at any time. And, this all works because you can take Office 365 anywhere with your mobile device.

Does Your Business Need Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If you want to grow and prosper, you need the best tools in today’s fast-paced business environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an excellent tool for integrating many business functions, generating reports that cover multiple business locations and helping businesses like computer programming and software-as-a-service companies track their expenses and billable work hours. We mentioned Gravity Accounting Software early as an advanced accounting tool that has this covered. For example, if you have been using QuickBooks for years and now have expanded or have issues will billable hours in the computer software business, you may wish to look at Gravity versus QuickBooks.

A use that Dynamics 365 was designed for is the integration of CRM with your accounting and other business aspects like sales. If you are missing sales or not seeing problems with customers until they blow up in your face, you need better tracking and business integration across the board. Contact us at Exigo Business Solutions for more information about what Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for your business.

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