March 9, 2020

Access Your Documents Anywhere with Office 365

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Ronald B. Allen

We live in a mobile world. It is common to work while away from the office. But, when you are working on a long report, you are not going to bring your desktop computer with you to other cities or even home at night. Do you carry a laptop with you? Does that mean you have to transfer document changes back and forth morning and night so that you don’t lose changes? This scenario turns into a nightmare when you forget a couple of times to transfer the document and end up over-writing some of your best writing! Luckily, there is an answer to this problem. You can access your documents anywhere you are with Office 365.

Anywhere-Access with Office 365

A wonder feature of Office 365 is that documents stored in its libraries can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and computers even when Office is not installed on them. You simply need to sign in to Office 365. Then go to the OneDrive library or your team site. Click or tap the document name. This works for OneNote, PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word docs. The document will open in the browser. It is in Office Online where you can view, make edits, or resume composing.

If you are in a work group and accessing a document on the team site, you can view, make edits, and leave the revised work for members of your team to see.

Collaboration with Office 365 Anywhere-Access

By using OneDrive or SharePoint, several employees can work together on a project, share info, work together to write and edit documents, and come out with better end product than if they had worked separately. But, what happens when one or more of the team members are perpetually “on the road?” This is especially where Anywhere-Access is valuable. The person who is out and about might on check in after normal working hours and from another city. They certainly do not have their desktop computer with them. But, when the necessary files are in SharePoint or OneDrive, the “distant” worker can check the progress of the team, help edit documents, and leave progress notes. This feature allows co-authoring and collaboration by several people who are not necessarily in the same building, city, state, or country!

When you are away from the office is easy to be out of touch. When you are part of a work group this becomes a problem. Skype for Business which is supported by Office 365 is a good way to stay in touch. But, when the group finds it difficult to all be available at the same time, there has to be a central point for checking in and keeping up with work projects. Using Anywhere-Access helps avoid communication errors, facilitates back and forth suggestions and consensus building. Learn about Anywhere-Access and other features of Office 365 that make work more efficient. If you do not have Office 365 in your office, now is the time to upgrade. Contact us at Exigo Business Solutions if you would like a little help setting this up.

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