Sales Are Often the Next Thing You Need to Fix

The first level of the business hierarchy of needs is sales. You need to have money coming in or everything else in your business will be wasted effort. Fix This Next coaches deal with all five levels of the hierarchy which are these:

  • Sales  
  • Profit 
  • Order
  • Impact
  • Legacy

Sales come first as they are the most basic business need.If you have yet to get many sales in a new business or if sales have begun tolag in an established business, this is where Fix This Next Coaches will haveyou focus your attention. As with all of the levels of the business hierarchy ofneeds, there are four steps to the Fix This Next process:

  • Discover the issue
  • Pinpoint the exact nature of the problem
  • Apply the fix
  • Repeat the process

Once you have discovered that your problem is sales, what result do you want to achieve? Is it simply to sell more widgets to more customers in your marketing area? Or is it to move from local sales to internet sales and broaden your market to include the entire world? Should you simply be increasing your profit margin on current customers and can you do that without losing business? Or, do you need to broaden you lines of products and services?

Experienced Accountants as Fix This Next Coaches

As our short discussion about dealing with lagging sales implies, there may be more to increasing sales than hiring more sales people, running more advertising, or choosing more popular products and services. Tracking your sales margins, the results of your marketing efforts,and other things like inventory management work better with organized systems,customized reports, and experienced advisors. When Fix This Next coaches are experienced accountants, such as Exigo Business Solutions, you have the skills on hand to identify and implement the solutions you need to remedy sales problems or any other core business issues.

Tracking Business Solutions Is Critical in the Fix This Next System

All too often, a business owner thinks that a given issue is what is gumming up the works and resulting in poor sales. They implement a solution and turn to other pressing issues. And, the problem does not go away!Experienced Fix This Next coaches help you implement tracking solutions so that you know if the fix is working or if you need to make adjustments and try again. Sometimes a seemingly good solution causes other issues. Measurement of results is part and parcel of success with the Fix This Next approach for sales.

And, you want results now and not next year. Experienced accountants like Exigo Business Solutions have the knowledge and experience to help you project when things should turn around and to help you set up ways to measure your progress. And, once you start seeing results, experienced Fix This Next Coaches will help you set up ways to keep measuring your results so that you do not start to backslide.

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Understanding When Sales Are the Problem in Your Hierarchy of Needs

While sales are basic to your business, there are times when you sales really are OK but costs are eating up sales revenue before you get any fits. Here is where experienced Fix This Next coaches, especially accountants, are critical in the first stage of this process. You need to clearly identify your issue before applying any fixes!

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Trained and Certified Fix This Next Coaches

Fix This Next coaches are a select group of accountants and bookkeepers as well as business coaches who specialize in identifying and fixing core business needs. Exigo Business Solutions is, in fact, a Founding Fixer. In addition to doing your accounting and tax returns, we will help you identify and fix your basic business problems and bring your business to the next level.

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