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If your business seems to be running in circles and not making the advances that you expected, you are not alone. Whether you are an entrepreneur working on a business startup or the owner of an established business, identifying the most basic problems and fixing them is the key to growth and profits.

The Fix This Next approach developed by Mike Michalowicz is expressly designed to identify the core business issues that inhibit growth and stymy profits. This approach recognizes that there is always a business hierarchy of needs that has to be identified and addressed, step by step, in order to allow your enterprise to ascend level by level to increasing degrees of success. Unfortunately, too many business owners are caught in a survival trap.

What happens is that they are continually putting out fires,which makes them believe that they are making progress. However, their actions are not based on accurate assessments of the most basic needs of their business. Thus, their repeated efforts do not address core issues, fix them,and allow the business to go to the next level.

Fix This Next Coaches to the Rescue

The fix this next approach works because certified Fix This Next coaches are trained to identify the hierarchy of needs in your business. They are able to take an objective view as they are not constantly deluged with the daily details of running the business, and, like Exigo Business Solutions, they have years of experience understanding business problems and providing remedies.

Fix This Next works because it starts by identifying the most basic needs which are not being addressed. Then the system works to remedy that issue before moving on. Fix this next coaches are trained to keep their eye on the ball (businesswise) and continually review the state of your business so that the base on which you build your business is sound. Only then will they advise you to move to the next level, assess the core needs, and fix them.

The basic levels of the business hierarchy of needs asidentified by Fix This Next and dealt with by Fix This Next coaches are these:

Fix This Next - SalesFix This Next - ProfitFix This Next - OrderFix This Next - ImpactFix This Next - Legacy

You need sales to have income but you need to keep costs under control to maintain profits. Along the way you need to maintain order in your business in order to know what is going on and to keep going in the right direction. When you do everything right to this point, your business has an impact on the community and you have the opportunity to give back, your legacy.

This is a snapshot of Fix This Next. To learn how the Fix This Next Coaches at Exigo Business Solutions can help you and your business move to the next level,

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Why We Believe in the Fix This Next Approach

At Exigo Business Solutions we have worked with our clients over the years to not only do their books and taxes but to help them better organize and track their businesses. Time and time again we have seen that in the rush of business activity, basic issues are overlooked or glossed over.

The Fix This Next approach essentially codifies what we have been doing for our clients for years. Identify and Fix the most basic problem and move on the next. That is the proven path to business success.

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Trained and Certified Fix This Next Coaches

Fix This Next coaches are a select group of accountants and bookkeepers as well as business coaches who specialize in identifying and fixing core business needs. Exigo Business Solutions is, in fact, a Founding Fixer. In addition to doing your accounting and tax returns, we will help you identify and fix your basic business problems and bring your business to the next level.

Fix This Next - Founding Fixer

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