Profit First For Insurance Agencies
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  • Tired of your agency's books being a mess?
  • Is your top line revenue of your agency increasing but the bottom line is not?
  • Want to learn to manage your agency's cash instead of cash managing you?
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Commercial real estate, marketing, new client acquisition, human resources, debt management, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, and IT support are just a handful of your job duties- all of that on top of managing your insurance agency. We know you are exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, and probably lacking sleep. You just want everything to make sense but you feel your financials are questionable. You just want it to be easy. We understand how you feel, that's why we offer bookkeeping using the Profit First method. Our goal is to give you accurate and consistent financials while helping you maximize your profit.

Is This You?

  • You have no idea how your insurance agency is doing. You dont know whats working and what's not working. You just want clear, easy reports and piece of mind from knowing real-time numbers.
  • Your agency is doing ok, but your just not seeing the growth you want. "I've made it this far, now what?"
  • Embarrassed that your agency's financials are a wreck? You want help, but you just aren't sure how to get it. Your agency is in need of more than a CPA. Your agency is in need of someone who can help with sound business decisions.
  • You're a "Do it Yourselfer" you're confident and good at everything you do. You can handle all this finance stuff and make good business decisons just fine.
  • Your to-do list just keeps growing. When you aren't with a client, you are constantly putting out fires. If your clients and their insurance was all you had to think about, you would be so much more profitable. But is that possible?
  • You think "taking your profit first" sounds like a cheesy sales gimmick that would never work for your insurance agency. But you also aren't able to afford paying yourself first!

Are You Ready To Maximize Your Profit?

Exigo Business Solutions utilizes the Profit First method to help manage your cash flow which will transform your agency. Implementing the Profit First method in your business gives you confidence and self- assurance not only in your financials but also in your future business decisions. The old formula for profit is revenue- expenses= profit, however, it goes against human behavior and is severely outdated. Taking your profit first allows you to better manage your expenses within a set budget. This system allows you to put money in your pocket first and inspires you to be frugal with your expenses. Are you ready to maximize your profit? Schedule your free profit maximizer session today!

Maximize Your Profit Now!
Maximize Your Profit Now!